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Investment Process

You are at the center of everything we do. You are involved in investment decisions, you are regularly updated on your portfolio through monthly statements, and you are always in control of your assets. In addition, your investments are held at a nationally recognized firm and are accessible by you at all times.

In our investment management relationship, we identify what you want, develop a plan of how you can get there, and then take action to get it done. Steps in our investment management process include, but are not limited to:

Step 1 – Establish Your Objectives

We discuss your outlook for the future to identify what’s important to you ... and we listen to what you say. Our discussions help to clarify your goals, pinpoint how comfortable you are with risk, and to set realistic expectations. Those factors become your Investment Profile.

Step 2 - Analyze current holdings

After we establish your Investment Profile, we analyze your existing holdings to determine if the allocation of assets and individual holdings are consistent with your objectives.

Step 3 - Design an Investment Portfolio for you

We develop and present to you a focused Investment Plan that reflects your vision. Based on your feedback, we’ll make changes and work together until you are satisfied with the strategy for your portfolio.

Step 4 - Implement Plan

Using your Investment Plan as our guide, we invest your assets so the resulting portfolio reflects your unique set of goals and concerns.

Step 5 – Ongoing Portfolio Management

We monitor market conditions and your investments to determine if your holdings are continuing to reflect your Investment Profile and then discuss with you potential adjustments to your holdings.

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