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Over your lifetime, you’ll pass through three separate investment phases. Each phase poses a different set of objectives and challenges. Each phase requires a different set of portfolio management strategies to move successfully through them.

Frank Smith is the only Investment Advisor in Bucks County to have earned the advanced professional certifications of Chartered Financial Analyst® and Retirement Income Certified Professional®. He is uniquely qualified to guide you through these phases so that you can enjoy life and pursue your dreams without undue worry about your money.

Our advanced training as a Chartered Financial Analyst® sharpened our abilities to manage investments with the aim of increasing your holdings over the long term during your working years. Then, our preparation as a Retirement Income Certified Professional® provided us with the tools necessary to guide you through the pre-retirement and retirement phases of your life so that your portfolio lasts your lifetime.

The three phases include:

<strong>&#160; <br /></strong><strong><br />Phase 1: The Working Years</strong>


Phase 1: The Working Years

During this accumulation phase in which you are working, your investment goals will generally include building your wealth over the long term and providing for major expenditures, such as a home or college, along the way. Given that you are likely to be working and generating income, you may be tolerant of greater volatility in your portfolio during this time. We provide you with clear vision and directions to build your wealth!

<strong><br />Phase 2: Pre-Retirement</strong>

Phase 2: Pre-Retirement

This phase is critical and often overlooked. It spans from 3-to-5 years before you retire to 3-to-5 years after you retire. The risk of a major drop in the value of your portfolio could significantly alter your life plans to retire. As a result, it is essential to minimize volatility and risk among your investments during this period. We help stabilize the value of your wealth so you are ready for retirement!

<strong><br />Phase 3: Retirement</strong>

Phase 3: Retirement

In this decumulation phase of your life, you might no longer be working or generating a salary and be dependent on other sources of income to support your lifestyle. Your money needs to last your lifetime. New issues such as purchasing power, sequence of returns, longevity risk, Social Security, taxes, IRA and 401(k) rollovers, and outliving your assets rise in importance. We offer unbiased guidance so that you enjoy the retirement lifestyle you deserve!

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